About Our Process


01 – We provide our estimator tool so you can quickly determine in seconds if 3D Printing/DMLS services suit your needs.

02 – We then give you a simple and fast method to deliver your requirements to our specialists so we can get you an exact quote and timeframe.


03 – Quotes are prepared systematically and methodically to ensure quality, consistency, and reliability.

04 – Finished Metal 3D Printed Parts are inspected before shipping. Texas Metal Printing uses some of the latest tools and techniques to verify the finished part meets or exceeds the requirements of your order.

About Our Founders

Brandon J. Crain and Kristi Crain are Christ following founders and managing members of Texas Metal Printing, LLC. They pray to honor God and be more like Jesus before anything else. Brandon has more than 15 years of in-depth, technical, and hands-on experience in traditional subtractive manufacturing. He has worked his entire career as a team member of a growing and successful family run waterjet cutting and machining service company. Brandon has experience in all areas of a thriving small business, including shipping and receiving, purchasing, sales, quality management, and business management. His career began in abrasive waterjet operation and programming. After a few years of working mostly in 2-dimensional plate cutting, he moved into a role managing manual and CNC machining services and from there, assumed the position of general manager of the company. Understanding and experiencing 15 years of busted knuckles, broken tools, and scrapped parts, he gained interest in the growing 3D metal printing / DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) industry. Recognizing the capability of additive manufacturing technologies and seeing opportunity to participate in the next industrial revolution, Brandon and his wife, Kristi, established Texas Metal Printing, LLC in 2015 to offer access to 3D metal printing technologies.